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001 Rhoma Irama - Badai di Awal Bahagia - the ambush

Let's discuss about Rhoma Irama here

We love Indonesia's old movies, and one of our favorite stars is Rhoma Irama.

Rhoma Irama is Indonesia's most famous Dangdut singer. Apart from singing, he tries his hand at scriptwriting, acting, directing, producing, preaching, romancing, kung-fu fighting, dancing, horse-riding, driving etc, etc, in his movies (often all at the same time). In a way, this makes for amusing viewing.

While most of his movie plots are tedious and predictable, we have always found at least one scene which has astonished us for its unintended humour. There are also parts which show aspects of Indonesian life which have already faded into the past, but influence the way people live today.

So we decided to watch all of Rhoma's films and selecting the 'best of the worst' for your amusement and enlightenment.

Our first clip is taken from 'Badai di Awal Bahagia', made in 1981.

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