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Tari Saman Traditional dance from Aceh / Sumatra

Including Jurus PMG=Sentak with Pandeka Mihar.
Dancers kneel in a row, their arms weaving complex patterns as the tempo quickens. Their graceful, rhythmic movements are accompanied by body percussion and distinctive, chanted melodies. This is the striking dance form known as Saman. From the island of Sumatra, "Saman" the most popular dance in Aceh and the dance that has become well-known abroad with the name "Thousand hands". It has its origin from the Gayo ethnic group and it is usually performed for party, festival or special occasion where one village visit another village to perform Saman. Normaly eight to twenty male performers kneel in a row on the floor and make different kinds of torso movements accompanied by songs, clapping hands, slapping chests, slapping hands on the floor, etc.The dance starts with slow movements and increases its tempo gradually to great speed and finally come to a sudden stop. There are many different regional versions of "Saman"
Meuseukat, "Meusekat" is almost the same as "Saman". The only difference is that "Meusekat" is performed by women and originates in west and south Aceh.

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